C2 Horse & Rider Template (With Source)

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    <p>C2 Horse & Rider Template is fun based HTML5 racing game for everyone that can be deployed on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & windows.</p><p>It�s easy to play but difficult to stop, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much can you win!</p><p>The more you become expert, more will you enjoy!</p><p>Features : �</p><p>With this starting template you can take this game to any level making it harder or easier for the user.</p><p>See winning race video HERE</p>

    • Flexible Horse selection
    • Mile stones indications
    • Cheering crowd that can be activated at any place
    • Nice graphics (Thanks to erkoudesign)
    • Randomization
    • Touch enabled
    • Can create more complex levels
    • Slow Motion on finish line.

    <p>Horse sprite graphics are bundled for demo of game code and you have to buy it from erkoudesign (see link below) if you intend to use them in your game.</p><p>free sounds are used from :</p><p>https://www.sounddogs.com/results.asp?Type=1&CategoryID=1030&SubcategoryID=11</p><p>http://www.horses.co.uk/audio/</p>

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