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Basketball Practice is HTML5 game written in construct 2 and 3 engine that simulates hooping.
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    <p>C2 Basketball Practice is HTML5 game written in construct 2 engine that simulates hooping. It have physics and sound effects that gives realistic playing. Hope you will have fun with project.</p><p>Some of the silent features are:</p><p>Physics enabled</p><p>Net flick</p><p>Sound effects</p><p>Four LED sprite fonts, specially created for this project</p><p>Code is commented. </p><p>A more versatile Basketball League game, please visit here to see it in action.</p><p>Instructions How to play?</p><p>You have make 20 baskets. If you miss 10 shots, game ends.</p><p>There are three zones to make the scores (zone 1 = 1, zone 2= 2 & zone 3 =3)</p><p>other wise game ends</p><p>You can easily make new levels by changing speed, physics and combinations of scores, missed shots and time. The imagination is the limit.</p>

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