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    <p>BulletML is the staple method of creating shmup bullet-curtain (danmaku) games. This behavior will apply BulletML capabilites on any Sprite, and quickly create stunning danmaku patterns similar to any type of shmup that uses BulletML, within the convenience of Construct2 game editor!</p>

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  • Interesting. I recommend adding demo / video to the Store to show it in action.

  • Hi Waltuo, thanks for your interest and suggestion

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  • A playable demo would be cool too.

    For screen recording, I use Bandicam, it is pretty intuitive.

    Good luck with sales.

  • We have posted the demo of the behavior in the store, please take a look, hope you'd like it.

  • Sorry for resuming, just wondering if there's any tutorial on the web or a fully commented capx to understand how this work, since even on the original BulletML japanese site i wasn't able to find a decent documentation.

  • Sorry for the late reply, what kind of tutorial/documentation would you need?

    If it is about the bulletml language, it would take some time to make so we recommend you to read this one instead

    http: // pixelnest.io / docs / bulletml-for-unity / pattern-file/

    That one is not made by us, it is from the unity plugin for bulletml, but the xml should be the same or similar, you can try it.

    If what you asked is about how to use the plugin itself; We will make one real quick. For the time being, you can check the capx we include to see how it works.

  • totoe

    Sorry to reply your PM via the forum, but apparently we have to get 500 reputation to reply to PM first, so we have to reply it here.

    First thing first, previously we served those demo via dropbox, but they took down the ability to serve page from there. We have updated the demo to the new website, it should work now.

    Secondly, we haven't planned any sale soon.

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