British Red Coat - 19th Century (Graphics)

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    <p>19th Century British Red Coat (Private) armed with a Brown Bess musket</p><p>and a deadly british accent.</p><p>He's been trained in the most hardcore drawing and animation software</p><p>to serve in the most dangerous game engines out there.</p><p>Ideal for side scrolling strategy games, platformers, or tower defense games in the style of Plants Vs Zombies.</p><p>You'll get 19 high quality animations running at 24 FPS</p><p> - walk, walk2, walk3, walk_careful</p><p> - idle, idle_crouching</p><p> - shoot, shoot_crouching</p><p> - reload</p><p> - die, die2</p><p> - hurt</p><p> - bayonet_attack, bayonet_idle, bayonet_fix, bayonet_charge</p><p> - stand/crouch (transitions)</p><p> - celebrate</p><p>Each animation is provided in 3 sizes for convenience :</p><p> - Big about 120x300*</p><p> - Medium about 60x140*</p><p> - Pixel Art (small) about 20x50* : rendered without smoothing to give a pixellated effect</p><p> </p><p>* size varies for each animation</p>

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