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  • Bite Sized Development Bundle 1 — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>This bundle contains all the capx files, write-ups and assets generated while making my 'Bite Sized Development' tutorials.</p><p>This bundle contains the following tutorials and their assets : Making basic snake, Adding complexity to infinite runners, Basic AI for top down racing games, Expanding Turret Defence, and Building Basic Turn Based Local Multiplayer from Scratch.</p><p>DISCLAIMER : All of the write-ups and final capx files of these tutorials are available for free either on my website or in the Scirra tutorials section. I have added these in the store as people have asked for a way to support me, and I prefer this method to donating. As this contains a lot of my early work the capx files and write-ups are often quite messy but I will be happy to provide further assistance to anyone who has difficulty following them.</p><p>EDIT : I have removed the Scirra 'Viking' from the images, because it belongs to Scirra and is not in any freebundles. The tutorials should work as normal with any other character art though.</p>

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