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  • Bit Tank Game Kit Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    • a retro style game black-white tone color graphic pack for make top-down shooter game endless mode

    <p>include 8 graphic group </p><p>1. player tank & bullet ammo</p>

    • body tank
    • normal gun
    • double gun
    • double missile
    • double laser
    • normal ammo bullet(for normal gun & double gun)
    • missile ammo bullet
    • laser ammo bullet

    <p>2. enemy tank & bullet ammo</p>

    • normal gun tank
    • double gun tank
    • missile tank
    • normal ammo bullet(for normal gun tank & double gun tank)
    • missile ammo bullet

    <p>3. object </p>

    • box
    • rock
    • bomb trap

    <p>4. item</p>

    • small heal
    • large heal
    • double gun
    • missile
    • laser

    <p>5. all effect</p>

    • smoke shoot(player & enemy)
    • laser shoot
    • explosion
    • box spread explode
    • rock spread explode

    <p>6. first page ui</p>

    • game logo(same text)
    • start button(same text)
    • background(use in game page too)

    <p>7. game page ui</p>

    • play/pause button
    • play/pause board
    • control on/off button(to open touch mode for make on smartphone app)
    • left button(touch mode)
    • right button(touch mode)
    • shoot button(touch mode)
    • result board(for after dead to show all status about game)
    • retry button
    • home button

    <p>8. sprite font to make text in game include 4 color</p>

    • white 100%
    • light gray 30%
    • gray 70%
    • black 100%

    <p>* all sprite font has 20x20 pixel per word(160x240 per group)</p>

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