8 Bit Retro Rampage (Sound Effects)

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    <p>Add a bit of 8-Bit goodness to your projects!</p><p> </p><p>8 Bit Retro Rampage is a collection of over 1000 carefully-edited, ready-to-use royalty-free wav files that span many game genres. The sounds are all reminiscent of the early days of videogames, but still have their place in today's world. A demonstration of the kinds of sounds that are available in this pack (and an idea of how they will sound once implemented in an actual game) can be found here:</p><p> </p><p>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3iu-ucE_4Q</p><p> </p><p>The sounds are all separated out into folders for ease of use, including:</p><p> </p>

    • Alarms (looping "alarm"-type effects)
    • Demos (some examples of how the sounds would sound in an actual game)
    • Ambience (background weather and animal sounds)
    • Electricity (a selection of sparking and zapping sounds)
    • Explosions (a variety of different explosions of different sizes, styles and perspectives)
    • Jingles (some very short pieces of music to use for typical events in a game, such as "player death" or "level success")
    • Movements (bounces, falls, impacts, jumps, whooshes, footsteps and foley)
    • Objects (things being hit, destroyed, or otherwise interacted with)
    • Sports (crowds and hits)
    • UI (button presses, "collect" sounds, "error", "magic", "powerup", "scoring", and "timer")
    • Vehicles (cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, rockets, sirens, horns, tyre skids, etc.)
    • Vocals (robots, humans, monsters)
    • Weapons (guns, lasers, swords, bombs, whips, etc.)

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  • Hello. If i buy this or other sounds or music. Can i use it in mye game that im selling on the market? Or is it only for free games you make? And why you can only use it 1 time??

  • Hi! Thanks for your interest. The terms of the licensing are all Scirra's. Have a read through section C1 in the licensing section of the store for details.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello. Thx for reply. Can i get this for exlusiv price. ? Give me a price:) need it alot

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  • Well the forum won't let me post private messages or URLs. But suffice it to say that with a bit of googling, you can find this pack on other sites with differing licensing terms. I'd suggest having a look around 😀


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