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    <p>Denmark Strait - 24 May 1941</p><p>You are the captain of the German Battleship Bismark. This is Germany's greatest battleship designed to destroy allied warships and convoys in the North Atlantic.</p><p>The British have sent out multiple warships to stop you. Your mission is to destroy these British ships before they destroy you.</p><p>You will be facing British warships of all kinds including a carrier, battleships and cruisers.</p><p>Use your massive guns to destroy these ships. Each enemy ship will take a predetermined number of hits before sinking.</p><p>Your ship will also be able to sustain a certain number of hits before sinking as determined by Health indicator and the Difficulty Level that you select in the game.</p><p>Each time you fire your guns at a target you will have a random chance of missing. You will either see an explosion (hit) or water spout (miss).</p><p>Three different levels of play - Rookie, Experienced and ACE are available. Earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal based upon your performance.</p><p>Good Luck Captain...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE - THE GAME FILES FOR THIS VERSION OF THE GAME ARE IN HTML5 FORMAT. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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