The Big List of Game Publishers (EBooks)

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  • The Big List of Game Publishers — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>HTML5 Publishers Sponsorships List</p><p>Flash Publishers Sponsorships List</p><p>HTML5 Sponsorship Leads List</p><p>HTML5 Revenue Share Partners</p><p>HTML5 Distribution Platforms</p>

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  • I didn't see a stub in the scirra store sub forum.

    Does anyone have an opinion on this ebook? Is it still being kept current? And does it list publishers and stores for non game html5 software as well?


  • Hi, the EBook (The Big List HTML5 Edition) is still the current edition. If you purchase through the Scirra store, you can download updates from the store as they come available. If you purchase from my website, updates go out by email. I generally try to update it monthly. I hope to have a new update out by the end of the week. I haven't had an opportunity to finish the listing on the Scirra store for the Full Edition yet.

    The Full Edition has a lot more resources, including a complete list of all app stores.

    You can check it out here on my website There is a comparison chart, so you can see the difference between editions.

    Hope this helps. Have any more questions, just drop me an email or PM, I'll be happy to answer them.

  • Is there anyway you can put the full 40 dollar version on the scirra store?

    I don't mind buying it directly, but all of my resources are fractured between scirra, steam, etc. So if I can consolidate into an existing account that's best.

    Also, I'm impressed at the speed at which my thread summoned you B-)

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  • It was just luck. I happened to see your post. My eye is attuned the words "The Big List". Sorry, I don't know when I'll have an opportunity to get it on the store. I just got my new website up and I'm back logged with work. Could be a few weeks.

  • im considering to buy that book! can you confirm that all the sponsors in there are still buying licenses ?

    what exactly is the difference between the 40$ and the 20$ version? is it only that in the full version are also the flash sponsors listed?

  • Ashley Tom

    didn't know who to tag for this, but looks like since I was original OP I'm still subscribed to updates for "my thread".

    I don't mind the notifications, but they should probably be going to the real OP so he can support his book.


  • : They likely go to him as well.

    I've merged your topic and his as this is the appropriate thread that did exist for the book in question, in the correct forum for the issues/questions you had.

  • TheDom

    could you answer my question please?

  • Kyatric Thanks for fixing that.

    fldr All of the publishers listed are active existing publishers for HTML5 games. In my experience the publishers tend to have buying cycles. Whether a publisher is expanding it's portfolio of games this month, the next, or 3 months from now, I can't say. They all operate on their own timetables for licensing games.

    The HTML5 version contains all of the Flash publishers as well because many Flash publishers are now licensing HTML5 Games because Flash games are on the decline.

    Everything that's in the HTML5 version, is also in the Full version. The Full Edition has a lot more resources, including a complete list of all app stores.

    You can check it out here on my website There is a comparison chart, so you can see the difference between editions.

    The HTML5 version is basically for developers looking to sell non-exclusive and exclusive licensing of their games.

    The Full version goes beyond that to include resources for those developers looking to take their games to app stores.

    In a nutshell that's the primary difference.

  • Thank you for that detailed answer!

    i will propably buy your book next month

    would there be the possibility to "upgrade" to the full version for additional 20$ in the future when i first buy the html5 version?

  • I've been putting some thought into that. The problem is, I don't have access to who actually purchases the EBook when it's purchased from a source other than my site and I need to design a way to address this however, in the meantime, If you purchase through my site, you can always email later and I can arrange it by having you PayPal me direct, after which, I can email a Full edition. I always try to accommodate everyone.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your games.

  • TheDom

    Mind share how much did you make from the list in your ebook that you sell at the store ?

    Also how many sponsors or publishers are in the ebook ?

  • I believe at last count ( in the latest update ), the total was just over at 80 HTML5 Game Publishers. In addition there's an extensive leads list of publishers and portals that are unconfirmed for licensing games. I also include all of the flash game publishers, of many are now accepting html5 games.

    I am prohibited from disclosing my sales numbers publicly for several business reasons but, I will say that I don't think I would have done very well if had I not devoted many months into developing this list prior to submitting my games to publishers.

    However, it's not a magic bullet. How well you will do with your games is going to you depend on the quality of your game, how well they meet the criteria, genre, and technical specifications of what a particular publisher is looking for. Many publishers have different expectations. You will have good and bad experiences along the way.

    The Big List is without a doubt the only and most extensive list of HTML5 Game publishers available and will save you countless hours of research.

    I have never had a complaint and have had nothing but good responses from developers for the book since its release to date.

    I try to update the book frequently (as new sources become available) and updates are free for life.

    Also feel free to reach out to me any time with questions concerning you game(s).

    Hope this helps answer your question and Good Luck with your games.

  • Just released a new updated version of The Big List Of Game Publishers HTML5 Edition today 11/14/2014.

    Good Luck Marketing and Monetizing!

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