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  • Basic Interval Timer — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>Timers are often used in games, both mobile and desktop, and games made in Construct 2 are no different. This template is a basic example of how you can have the user enter a timer length and have it tick down visually on screen until it expires.</p><p>This template also highlights the versatility of Construct 2, and shows how this excellent development tool can be used to create a wide range of apps, not just games. </p><p>This template features :</p>

    • Desktop mouse and mobile touch controls
    • Ability to create up to 6 intervals of different lengths
    • Creation of a numpad that allows you to enter in numbers for timer values
    • Create a set of intervals and loop them up to 10 times
    • Sound effects when an interval or set of intervals end

    <p>Link to demo : effects made with BFXR : questions or comments please email or PM me.</p>

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  • Hi!

    Very interesting template.

    I have a question. Is the timer working if I close the game?

    For example, let's say I am working on a tycoon and I have a house that needs 4 hours to be built. Can the user close the game and return to it after 4 hours and see the timer set to 0?

    Also, is it possible to show the timer in a different format? For example HH:MM:SS.

    Thank you!

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  • Hello and sorry for the delay in replying, unfortunately my work life far exceeds my Construct 2 life! Thank you for the questions.

    At current the timer will not continue if you close it. Mostly because I do not know how to implement that! Maybe someone will be able to here.

    I have not added different formats for the timer, but it should be relatively easy to do with some event changes.

    I know that this timer is missing a lot of features that might be considered standard on many apps, but hopefully it still qualifies as a 'basic timer template', as I simply don't see many people using C2 for things that aren't games I thought I'd make a little something!

    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Hi!

    Yeah, it's just what I thought, it seems a quite difficult feature.

    Thank you in any case!

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