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    <p>?Baby Bird flies in the Sky? is a Construct 2 game which is similar to the very famous Flappy Bird. You are a nice little bird who is learning to fly. The goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles (The pipes) and collect the bonuses. It?s incredibly addictive, and it is impossible to put down! </p><p>The CAPX is easy to understand. You can easily reskin and customize the gamePlay: you can increase/decrease the speed of the bird, set the gravity, change the space between pipes, personalize the font ecc. Actually the distance between the pipes decreases with the time, to make the game more fun.</p><p>Probably in just few hours you will have your game ready to upload on the App store, Window store, Playstore etc. ?Baby Bird flies in the Sky? includes one way of monetization, AdMob banner and interstitial. </p><p>PLAY THE GAME ON ANDROID BEFORE TO BUY!</p><p></p><p>FEATURES</p><p>Features of the app:</p><p>Compatible with almost all screen sizes </p><p>Monetization through AdMob</p><p>easy to understand and reskin</p><p>Clean and well commented project</p><p>Amazing gamePlay</p><p>I?ll do my best to add new features to the game</p><p>HOW TO SETUP AND RESKIN</p><p>Simply replace the images with your own images to reskin the game. Do the same for music and sounds: simply replace the sound files with yours. If you have any problems, you can ask me for information, I will be very happy to help you.</p>

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