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    <h3>Features:</h3><div class="deshr"></div>

    • Supports 1D, 2D, 3D arrays.
    • Import and export arrays in JSON format
    • Very simple and useful interface

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  • Cheers!

    Great tool, editing an array is, compared to existing ones found in forums, something fun!

    Some questions:

      I think, that "save" saves the array in a C2 compatible format - its not really that hard to convert it to a "real" JSON (maybe I'm wrong, havent worked with C2 for quite a while - but the syntax of a "C2 JSON" differs on some points, compared to a "real JSON"), but it could be possible to also give the user that option?
      Could it be possible to provide a web based app (as a html project)? Maybe as a separat purchase/article in store or with your credits in the splash and on the bottom line or something.. since I'm working on mobile devices from time to time, having such would be nice. The app could be published by anyone for anything, that might be the deal breaker, but.. well.. maybe theres some way ;D

    Have a great day,


  • Hi Proxymity! Thank you very much for the response

    1. If we open "C2" JSON can we call the contents between {"c2array":true,"size":[2,2,2],"data": and } a "real" JSON?

    Is the example above a "real" JSON?
    Otherwise can you show me the example of 3D array in a "real" JSON?
    2. Well, can you use Android version or do you need exactly HTML5 version?
    Best regards,
  • Hi again ;D

    1. If we open "C2" JSON can we call the contents between {"c2array":true,"size":[2,2,2],"data": and } a "real" JSON?


    Well, as I said, I havent worked with C2 for a few months now - maybe I'm wrong - Ill check that out if I find time for that

    2. Well, can you use Android version or do you need exactly HTML5 version?

    Even worse: iOS (company devices - I'm also using them) .



  • Proxymity, hi again

    1. So I will create an option to choose the JSON version if you show me the difference between "C2" JSON and "real" JSON.

    2. I have just started creating HTML5-version of this array editor.

    I think I will finish it today or tomorrow.

    It will be the part of this asset.

    So if you purchase this asset - you will have an opportunity to use both stand-alone version and HTML version.

    Best regards,


  • I have added HTML-version.

  • Спасибо за довольно удобное приложение Но есть проблема с которой я столкнулся. При сохранении в json файл, все цифры записываются в ковычках, как текстовая переменная. Я очень долго не мог понять, почему массив не работает у меня нормально, а оказалось что когда я сравниваю переменные объектов с переменными в массиве соответствующими, ничего не происходит ) Именно потому что цифры, это по сути слова. Можно ли это исправить?

  • ??????? ?? ???????? ??????? ?????????? ?? ???? ???????? ? ??????? ? ??????????. ??? ?????????? ? json ????, ??? ????? ???????????? ? ????????, ??? ????????? ??????????. ? ????? ????? ?? ??? ??????, ?????? ?????? ?? ???????? ? ???? ?????????, ? ????????? ??? ????? ? ????????? ?????????? ???????? ? ??????????? ? ??????? ????????????????, ?????? ?? ?????????? ) ?????? ?????? ??? ?????, ??? ?? ???? ?????. ????? ?? ??? ??????????


    ????? ?????? ???????????? ? ???? ?????????: str(), int(), float()

    str() - ??????????? ????? ? ??????. ??????: str(123)="123"

    int() - ??????????? ?????? ? ????? ?????. ??????: int("123.321")=123

    float() - ??????????? ?????? ? ??????? ?????. ??????: float("123.321")=123.321

  • Спасибо за совет, обязательно попробую ) Но, всё же было бы куда проще пожалуй, если бы цифры по умолчанию были цифрами Ведь ноль, который по умолчанию в ячейке в цифровой ноль без кавычек сохраняется. Но, это, конечно, моё личное мнение )

  • Hey there, recently bought your editor because it looked intuitive to use. But one thing annoys me is the selected cell's textbox dissapearing after a double click. No chance to quickly edit an entry as you have to select the entry first. Can you add a functionality so that the text of a selected cell is marked and double clicking the text box does not make it dissapear.

    Further I would like to see a clear function at the top. Can be useful sometimes. ;-)

    Anyway keep the good work up, cheers!

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