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    <p>100 unique pixel art items, perfect for arcade, platformer, puzzle and match 3 games.</p><p>Every item has both 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 versions drawn from scratch for pixel perfection - not re-scaled or filtered.</p><p>Many items have color variations and other small edits for a total of 300 items in total.</p><p>Also included in both 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 sizes are frames for the following animations and effects: item spawn, item disappear, item sparkle, item pop, animated treasure chest, animated coin, animated bubbles (Animated GIFs to demonstrate the animations are provided).</p><p>All items provided in three different outline colors: black, grey and brown.</p><p>Item Inventory includes:</p><p>20 fruit (+ additional variations)</p><p>Multi-colored bubbles and blocks with icon variations.</p><p>5 gems (+ color variations)</p><p>15 cakes and sweets (+ color variations)</p><p>20 food and drink items (including pizza, sushi, beer, pies, steak, toast, coffee cups, pancake stack, burger, hot-dog etc.)</p><p>5 Trophies and medals (+ extra colors and medal variations)</p><p>2 magic potion items with 7 color variations.</p><p>6 media / tech items (disk, tape, microchip, CD etc. + extra colors)</p><p>12 treasure items including animated treasure chests (+ extra colors)</p><p>Other items include flowers, keys, books, medals, bomb, spy glass, crystal ball, feather and more.</p>

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