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    <p>Modern Day Europe</p><p>The Russians have launched an air assault and are heading our way.</p><p>You are the only Apache in the air right now - so your mission is to destroy as many of the enemy choppers as you can.</p><p>Three different levels of play (Rookie, Experienced and Ace) will determine how many points you can score (Score) and lose (Health) as well as determine how many enemy can get past you before you win/lose the mission.</p><p>If your good enough you can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold medals based upon your performance.</p><p>Your last five game scores are kept for the record - can you beat your last highest?</p><p>Good Luck Pilot...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE - THE GAME FILES FOR THIS VERSION OF THE GAME ARE IN HTML5 FORMAT. YOU MUST PLAY THE GAME USING A BROWSER PROGRAM.</p>

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