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    <p>I designed this to be included in the set of cartoon birds also available in my store but I think he will also work well as a stand alone little sprite. there are three versions, wood pigeon, dove and rock and street pigeon.</p><p>The file contains HD spritesheets in .png format all frames of each animation are of equal size ( see contents tab). the download file also includes a fully rigged brash monkey Spriter file so you can easily create new animations or modify the existing ones.</p><p>Although it's not likely as the included spritesheets are already large you can export even larger size spritesheets from the spriter file without degrading resolution, upto 35% larger than the ones already included.if you need smaller spritesheets you can also export them in the resolution you need via the spriter file. </p><p>I've also included the vector files and .png puppet pieces I used to create this character, so you can mess around with the colours to your hearts delight.</p>

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