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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Alex's Grappling Hook — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>This is a grappling hook. You attach to a wall, and swing around as shown in the video. It uses construct 2's physics behavior. Also included is an article on how it is implemented. You should be able to incorporate it into your own games.</p>

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  • Grappling hook has been updated! Now works extremely well, along with the ability to adjust length of grappling hook. You can also set a global variable if you want the grapple hook to remain stiff when swinging upside down. You can also walk on floor while grapple is hooked.

  • what sorcery is this!? no custom plugin/behaviour?

  • what sorcery is this!? no custom plugin/behaviour?

    No custom plugins/bahaviours. Just the standard stuff Construct 2 comes with.

  • have a demo?

  • What's better? ... mplate-406

    The grappling hook in that one is more wiggly and chaotic because it consists of numerous linked objects to simulate the rope.

    In this one, the rope is more predictable, allowing more control over the character while using the grappling hook.

    This one has more complicated events related to the grappling hook.

  • Just bought this, and I must say I'm very disappointed in my purchase.

    Sure, it looks good, but I thought the whole point of selling these little templates separately allowed people to easily drop the code into their games. Instead I have approximately 150 events that are completely wasteful. The time I could spend figuring out how to clean this up and reverse engineer it, I could have spent developing my own system.

    Why such dirty code? You don't even tell users the controls.

  • AnD4D , I would have made it better if construct2 didn't have certain quirks about how it handles things. If you figure out a better way to accomplish the same results, then you're probably a better programmer than I am. Construct2 doesn't really help in regards to implementing stuff from one project into another. So if you're going to do that, you'll have to learn how to do it regardless of what you intend to implement. It's not that difficult to do.

  • i am lost

  • Prominent I'll give it a go. Think I'm grasping the basics, but I was under the impression the code would be cleaner and better presented if it's being sold. I'm seeing disabled events, repeated use of "Every Tick", 70+ events just to get the character to move... and 29!!! global variables?!?!?

    Why not mainly local variables or instance variables?

    You already got my money, so nothing I can do about it, but I'd not recommend anyone else purchases it in its current state.

    Would you be interested in the final code when I tidy it up and allow it to be dropped into other projects with ease?

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  • AnD4D , sure, I'd be interested in seeing how you modify it. Maybe I can learn something from it.

  • I know it has been a long while, but I am very interested in purchasing this from you Just had one question, was the coding eventually cleaned up with AnD4D 's final code?

  • , no, AnD4D hasn't shared anything.

    I do have another project I made that uses only 100 events, is much cleaner and does the same thing basically, but uses the chipmunk plugin. I haven't put it on the store though, since it uses the chipmunk plugin, and I'm not sure how R0J0hound would feel about me selling something that uses his plugin.

  • Prominent

    Feel free to go for it. All my plugins/behaviors, unless I explicitly specify otherwise, can be used in games that are sold.

    In regard to the template, You could even include the plugin with it, although it would likely be better to just refer them to the plugin topic. The only requirement is I should be credited for making it.

    Basically the use is very liberal. Do anything you like with it, even modify it, just don't claim to have originally created it.

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