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    <p>I created using Construct 2 using no plugins.</p><p>The capX file Contains 361 events, a menu, level map, 3 playable levels, 12 enemies, ladder function, popup pause menu and much more.</p><p>A requirement is the full licence version of Construct 2 to buy the capX.</p><p>Menu:- has navigation to the level map screen and exit screen.</p><p>Level Map:- uses local storage to unlock the levels.</p><p>Level 1:- 2 rock throwing zombi's alternating throwing rocks and one soldier enemy pushing the rocks making it harder to collect the key.</p><p>Level 2:- Rope slide to avoid the x2 spinning saws, 1 coin dispenser block, 1 life dispenser block, screenshaking action flying bullets, 1 electric shooting zombi enemy and 1 pistol shooting soldier enemy.</p><p>Level 3:- Swimming action swim down dodging the zombis in the submarines the soldier shoots fireballs, collect the key and swim back to the door watching out for a moving underwater saw.</p><p>Pause popup:- Press the pause button the menu slides in and out smoothly.</p>

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