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    <p>Attention game developers, animators and motion graphics designers, here's a sound library that will pay for itself over and over. Epic Sounds and FX Advanced Game Sounds is a universe of SFX and an electrifying power pack of more than 3100 compelling source and engineered sounds. With this hand picked collection of proven and unique audio assets you'll be the master of your gaming domain and fully empowered to create audio experiences that inspire epic game play at a whole nuther level.</p><p>Now you can have a vast domain of uniquely designed and crafted sound effects at your fingertips _ right next to your mixing board and game controller. As sound designers ourselves, we understand the needs and demanding requirements for making that game sequence sound right. That's why we put the Advanced Game Sounds SFX library together _ to meet the needs of game developers and freelance sound designers at any level and deliver an unbeatable curated assortment and value.</p><p>3,100+ files 1.1 GB All files in. WAV, 44,100, 16 Bit More than 1 Hour of Game Style SFX Save Time, Increase Workflow Great for Mobile App Games Mixture of Synthesized, Organic and Processed Indie Game Sounds Epic Positive, Pickups, Touches, Game Win, Gained XP Victory, Correct Answer, Point Score Negative, Hits, Alerts, Wrong Answers, Game Overs Ambient And Tonal Loops, Backgrounds Clutch Items, Hits, Blings, Achievements Retro Game, Casino, Arcade and Real Coins Specials, Countdowns, Recharges Twisted Frozen Items, Hits, Notifications Hi-Tech User Interface, Risers, Power Ups, Coin Awards Robotics, Mechanical, and Futuristic Sounds Footsteps on Gravel, Wood Floor, Snow and Loops Blood, Gore, Spills, Squirts, Smash, Movement and Impacts Fun Game Styled Weapons and Explosions Vast Amount of Simple, Moderate, and Complex sounds</p>

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