8-bit Pixel Art Shooter Template (Game Templates)

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    <p>This Template is the perfect base for start your retro style 8-bit Pixel Art Side Scrolling Shooter.</p><p>In addition to a full commented Template you will receive also Sprites, Sound Effects and one Chiptune Music to use with your project.</p><p>Not only this, but YouTube links will be provided with step by step tutorial that explain the basic of the creation of this Template both in English and in Italian.</p><p>The Template also works with the Free version of Construct 2 and feature a basic game that can be used for create an endless game or the first level of your game.</p><p>In the Template there will be 9 different kind of enemies, each one with their samples of unique mix of statistics, behavior and attacks. Different Power Up samples and different weapons.</p><p>It also shows how to simulate multiple parallax layers even with the limitation of the free edition of C2. </p><p>Another feature is the system to show how to increase and decrease the life bar when the Player get damaged.</p><p>Finally it shows how to use the Local Storage to record your Score and show a different message when a new record is reached.</p>

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