3D Game World Map - Orc World (Graphics)

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    <p>Famekrafts.com presents</p><p>3D WORLD Maps: Orc World Vol 1</p><p>World Map Pack: Pre rendered 3D Game World map divided into 11 game regions. Use is for Strategy or RPG World Maps.</p><p>High Resolution PNG and PSD file. </p><p>PSD File: 4096 x 3105 pixels</p><p>Map Grunge and BW Style included </p><p>Map Divided into 11 regions</p><p>11 regions provided as highlighted PNGs</p><p>3D HD renders provided for 11 separate Game Regions</p><p>Photoshop layers are converted to smart layers.</p><p>*Adobe Photoshop is required to open the source psd files.</p><p>FREE GIFT</p><p>With every Game pack we create, we are giving something absolutely Free</p><p>It can be another asset, a complete game pack, 3D Printable model/s, a printable paper craft we created or a complete craft ebook.</p><p>GIFT for this pack is</p><p>Orc Village Watchtower scene</p><p>Extra watch tower illustration provided</p><p>Included in the free folder.</p><p>Contact us for any problems you face or demand for new asset packs. </p><p>Behance Portfolio: behance.net/Famekrafts www.famekrafts.com</p>

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