2D Platformer Pack (Graphics)

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    <p>Background (3) - Example repeating background creating using these tiles.</p><p>Clouds (10) - Well...you know...clouds :) Various shapes and sizes and all that :)</p><p>Ground (12) - Basic platforms.</p><p>Blocks (48) - Stone man-made blocks you can use to construct stuff.</p><p>Plants (89) - Lots of flowers, various leafy plants and vines, as well as some grass patches and decals.</p><p>Rocks (10) - Well...you know...rocks ;)</p><p>Trees (34) - Various tree trunks, branches and leafy tops which can double as bushes if you wish.</p><p>Wooden Structures (34) - More like structural elements. Planks, poles and platform that you can tie together with string to form crazy constructs. Also some crates and signs.</p><p>240 elements in total! And a small bonus:</p><p>Tips & Tricks document explaining the usage of some key elements.</p><p>Includes both ready-to use images as well as 3x larger source files and .psd's! Each layer is also saved out as a separate image so Photoshop is not required :)</p>

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