2D Hero Characters Bundle (Sprites)

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    <p>Animated hero characters pack, each character comes with 8 mesh animations. Great for any kind of mobile game. </p><p>Animations was created in the Spine 2D and runs from the Spine Runtimes github project.</p><p>For construct 2 you will have to add spine plugin located here:</p><p>https://github.com/flyover/spine-c2-plugin</p><p>If you are using Unity import spine unity package: </p><p>http://esotericsoftware.com/files/runtimes/unity/spine-unity-3_6-2017-09-30.unitypackage</p><p>Animations files - .atlas .json .png</p><p>You can find all animations examples here: </p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XcEeII7Xxo&list=PLnBJBNazoFNVLxU3pT4Hg8F4_OK5sWdaO</p><p>Animations: </p>

    • Attack While Walking
    • Death
    • Hurt
    • Idle
    • Jump
    • Run
    • Attack While Running
    • Walk

    <p>You will need a copy of Spine Essential or Professional to have permission to use the Spine Unity runtime in your game if you plan to release it. </p><p>Support contact: mobileassetsbrushssi@gmail.com </p><p>Thank you for choosing our Assets!</p>

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  • Hello do you also give source file (PSD or AI) for this asset?

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