200+ Medieval 3D Game Assets (Game Packs)

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    <h3>200+ Medieval 3D Game Assets</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>With this asset pack, you'll get over 200+ Medieval 3D objects in low poly style.</p><p>Content:</p>

    • 202 .fbx files for use in different engines or other software
    • 202 texture / .png files for every object one file
    • 202 .prefabs with meta files for Unity (tested with 2017 Version)
    • 202 .blend files for Blender to modify the 3D objects
    • Example pictures and my promo video about the castle

    <p>Easy to use in game engines like Unity with the prefabs. Just drag and drop and build your own medieval game.</p><p>All colours can be set up by texture or by specified colour fields easily.</p><p>Some of my models are more low poly than other, but some objects are so large, that they have required more geometrie. For more details please feel free to contact me.</p>

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