Zynga slapped with lawsuit, accused of insider...

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  • Just when I finally have everything needed to start creating social real time games I see news like this :(

    Zynga slapped with lawsuit, accused of insider trading

    Normally I would let news like this just discourage me from even trying but I still believe the Zynga business model is a good one. Except for the whole insider trading thing.

    I mean I believe creating a fun, addictive social game, and selling virtual goods just might be one of the most profitable ways to monetize off of creating web based games.

    I guess the trick is to not get greedy.

  • I don't see why this should discourage anyone from creating social games? It should discourage people from breaking the law and ripping off shareholders, but the whole selling virtual goods thing isn't illegal.

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  • Brings new meaning to the term "bought the farm".

    The bad thing is that the company as a whole will have to pay for this.

    Where it's obviously the responsibility of a few bad apples who will just get a slap on the wrist, or at worst have to use their golden parachutes.

    Makes me yearn for a time when this kind of thing was handled out behind the woodshed, with a strategically placed axe handle... where the sun don't shine.

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