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    > Having native export to Android and iOS is a big thing and $298 is not much for that.


    nemo Actually that would cost $99 (Studio) + $199 (iOS) + $199 (Android) = $497.

    It would be smart to start with the easiest and cheapest market such as Android and if everything's going well then go to iOS market and buy the exporter for it.

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  • Pre C2 I made games with Game Maker nearly 10(GM) to 1(C1). So for the move to HTML5 I will now be totally dropping GM

  • Joannesalfa - you can probably get by OK testing your game on Safari using Preview-on-LAN. Once it works there it should be straightforward to wrap for the app store.

    I know why C2 rules for introducing LAN preview, to be honest GameMaker is just a great waste of money, so it requires to get certificate from Apple iOS developer program that costs $ 99 per year, it really sucks and im not interesed my wallet gets r4p3d to test my games before to publish for overtime.

  • Scirra will do it when pigs start to grow wings. :P

    Don't say that !

    We already make pigs that glow in the Dark, AND scientist have decrypted the DNA sting now.. So pigs with wings.. not so far away :p

  • Even then if they really export to native, they have an advantage there. What is left to know is how good their exporters are.

  • One thing i have to praise, they have really nice game examples on html5 already : https://apps.yoyogames.com/reflexions/play


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  • Try Kiyoshi's links with http instead of https to make them work.

    I've only tried "reflexions". Nice concept.

    But on firefox, it hicups a lot (far more than C2's games do) and I had no sound.

    Also their loading screen on start of the application is strange as it will rush to 70% and hold there for a while as datas get downloaded.

    Maybe it was sound I was downloading, that makes it just more painful that the game was silent.

    The concept is interesting, but the performances don't keep me far more than a few levels.

  • Hello Construct2 developer community!

    Just wanted to clarify that even there is no CocoonJS Launcher App yet on the AppStore, there is a way to get it, so CocoonJS can be a great platform for iOS too. Note that a mac computer and XCode installed are needed along with an iOS developer certificate, but if you are planning to upload your production to the appstore, you will still need these things.





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