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  • I am currently trying and failing to learn at c++ and other advanced languages. I have learned advanced and simple code on GameMaker Studio. Construct 2 is a good program for me as well to make games. I will soon go into college for a Game developing course.

    What is your story in terms of Game Development? What games have you made? Lets share our stories

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  • I arrived at game development from a studio art and video production background. I have some technical skills but access to great, user-friendly tools like Construct 2 (for 2d games) and Unity (for realtime 3d games) is extremely helpful at improving a development process that otherwise would otherwise be far more difficult and would take even longer.

    I appreciate tools that streamline so much of the development process, that allow me to develop games in a way that is intuitive, and which allow for many cool features and a wide range of output options. But - also it had to be software I could realistically afford.

    Construct 2 provided exactly what I was looking for in a 2d game engine. This coming from someone who's tried others in the past (from GameSalad to Game Maker to Torque Game Builder) and found Construct 2 to be my favorite option out of all the software available.

    Right now, I'm trying to launch a smaller short-term project called Spiral Skies. If that goes well, I hope to complete a number of other projects in the next year or so, such as "Isola", "Vortex", and "Panoramic Worlds" (made in Unity) and "Vivid Minigolf" & "World Pinball" (I have made limited GameSalad test versions for both of these but I want to redo them both with higher resolution and much more content, in Construct 2.)

    I'd also like to launch an extensive library of old and new video projects, as well as some other projects. There is a lot I envision doing but a lot of it is ambitious and many of the bigger, more ambitious projects are likely to cost between $100 and $1000 to complete. So, if by some miracle I can pull off a success (in audience growth or sales or both) with Spiral Skies or something else soon, it could make a huge difference for me - I'd be able to get so many exciting creative things done!

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