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  • For 10 years Y8 has been a big player in Flash games. Now that Flash is dying, we are looking to host more games using open standards. Everyone is welcome to submit games on the Y8 upload page. We are working on an Adsense revenue split for game developers. So if you want to earn money, you will need to be at least 18 and it helps to have an Adsense account already. Though, in many cases we can help there too. So if you want to share your games, do these things:

    Upload here static.y8.com/upload

    If you want rev split email us here idnetutq@webgroup-limited.com Let us know if you have adsenses or not, list of games helps too.

  • Not sure if I would trust them seeing as how two of my games ended up there without my permission.

  • Hi newt ,

    That's not good.

    How does this happen?

    Is it because the companies hosting your game have been compromised or have shared your game without permission?

    Or is it possible to rip html games straight off rival host websites?

    or other....?

  • The latter, put the games from both Gamejolt, and Newgrounds into an iframe.

  • Hi Newt, our content team will search for games that are not on our network. Though we prefer to work with developers, to get our APIs added to games. We are transitioning away from flash but as you can see from our new games page, it's slow. Let me send your contact details to our business people. It would be nice to get more html5 games and also with a deal that is good for you.

  • Not only Y8, there are other popular gaming sites like kongregate, agame.com also now publishing HTML 5 game. Some websites are converting flash game to html5 game even.

  • True, there are others. They don't have handsome developers that hang around these parts as much though. ;p

  • Wait wait wait.. hold up....

    let me get this right...

    Im a bit slow at the best of times, especially when it comes to all this tech stuff.

    but newt & Ashley

    are we saying that if I make a html game and host it on a website, iframe or other,

    then anyone , eg in this case eddieone (btw happy that you are here commenting on this and offering to work with newt)

    can just come along and rip it and stick it on his own site and there is nothing anyone can do to stop this ?????

    (could we not at least write in a host ip check that could be in a specific build for each host ? suppose would be easy to bypass?)

  • Yeah checking urls is the go to method.

    Of course that's complicated if the host uses a content delivery service, which creates random urls, and pretty much any automated service will have to use them.

    There are other methods which probably shouldn't be discussed publically, as that leads to those methods being bypassed.

    One method that should be ok to discuss is just a Google search. It does them no good just to mirror your work, they need to advertise it just like you do.

    I would note that even though the game was taken down, the reference they give to the spiders was never removed, and is actually the first return from a search.

    I realise that they are just shitty little games, but for a first real try at self publishing, it was not a pleasant experience.

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  • You can block other sites from framing your game with the X-Frame-Options HTTP header or the frame-ancestors Content Security Policy directive. So there are existing mechanisms you can use to, say, only allow your site to display your game in an iframe.

  • NetOne it's alright to share your work. I mean you can host my game Banjo Panda on your site.

    [quote:vn9gruy6]can just come along and rip it and stick it on his own site

    The good companies will apologize and remove your games, if that is what you want. The bad ones, they don't recognize legal complaints and usually can afford armies of coders to disassemble stolen code.

    At id.net we fight them with the Protection API. It's basically a list of known bad sites , and game devs can display a custom block message. I will make a note to add it to our Contruct 2 plugin, it will be useful to some.

  • Of course , but sharing implies the creator's proven consent in some , preferably legally binding, form. Anything else is stealing.

    Employing people to trawl the net ripping games for your site is not exactly getting creator consent.

    Assuming the games are not "my first game" or shovelware or fanmade ip infringements then I'm sure the creator's will be interested in some type of deal. This would encourage creators to make better content allowing you to host better games , maybe even some exclusive quality content etc then the world becomes a better place for everyone.....

  • Back in the Flash days, distribution happened without much input from devs. My first games where really bad, I earned a lot of money from ads though. Sadly, with html5 that problem hasn't really been solved. In short, using a license will make it clear how your game can or can't be used. Here are some examples of open source games with very nonrestrictive licenses, github.com/blog/2483-game-off-2017-winners If you want to be more restrictive, check non commercial licenses, though it has the side effect of blocking youtubers from doing let's plays as well, so it takes careful consideration. There is a good page that explains why companies like licenses, quora.com/Do-big-companies- ... rnal-usage

    Of course we also do custom licensing if the game quality warrants at least a site lock deal. The better the game, the more detailed the license typically. Like a multiplayer, top title, with all the graphics is more likely to need a more complex license. You can reach the business team from this page. static.y8.com/upload I'm just a developer, so I fix things more than anything. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" />

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