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  • I've just finished Jericho on Xbox 360 and it is fairly playable.

    Enough checkpoints, good graphics/character design, interesting enough cut-scenes and basic but well playable gameplay.

    Most reviewers gave it a 65-70% score. (gamerankings: 65%)

    Did you play it?

    <img src="">

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  • Played it on PC... didn't dislike it, but didn't think it was anything special either. It was too easy, and it wasn't scary in the slightest because it was so predictable, like an 80's B grade horror film. It had to many "Simon Says" sections in the game, which IMO distract from the awesome cutscene rather than make you feel part of it... half the time I am mashing buttons and getting them wrong because I'm trying to watch the action, or I am pressing the right buttons to end up with "WTF just happened? I missed it because I was to busy pressing buttons instead of watching."

    Overall nice graphics, and the individual skills of the characters is a nice touch as well, though I spent the majority of the game as a single character and only changed to another one if I had to for some puzzle/blockade/etc.

    I gave it a 5/10 myself... would have been a 7/10 if it didn't come free with "Simon Says".


  • Yeah I found it incredibly dull on PC. So dull in fact, that I got about 1/4 way through and uninstalled it and it's rare for me to not finish a game I've started, no matter how crap it is. I guess I was expecting something like Undying since Barker's name was on it... maybe I had high expectations.

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