Xbox One controller with pc - any thoughts?

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  • Yo,

    Looking in to buying a new controller soon. I'm thinking of 360 pad, but any thought guys on XO controller? Is it better then 360's and does it work with pc?

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  • I saw some news not long ago about the Xbone controllers getting PC support. But I dunno if there's much difference between the old and new controller, they have the same buttons I think.

    Just be wary with what you buy. I have a wired 360 controller that I plug into the USB and it works great with steam games and my on Construct creations. But I originally assumed you could plug in the charge cable from a 360 wireless controller battery pack and it would work, it doesn't. apparently the charge cables only transmit power, the controller still communicates wirelessly. Meaning you need a wireless adapter for your pc, I know Microsoft make/made one for the 360 (although I was told it is banned here in Europe, something about it being a fire hazard)

    I'm sure I made that as clear as mud. But I guess functionally a wired 360 controller is as good as anything else and simpler

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