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  • I never tried it. The idea of paying to play is gay, and the fighting is so repetitive and dull, as with all mmo's (maybe i'm wrong, not a big mmo player). Once one of my friends was playing it, and the boss battle seemed so boring... everyone was just standing there shooting the same attack like 50 billion times. I know there must be a few things which are addicting and fun, but screw WoW . I'd rather make games than play some mindless-leveling up-by-killing-the-same-enemies-over-and-over bullcrap anyday.

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  • Thanks for the input guys.

    <<-Insert witty comment about thread hijacking here->>

  • Paying to play is gay? I'll be sure to let the bowling club know that. Oh, and the arcade stand.

  • I wouldnt mind it so much if I didnt have to buy the game too. Its like putting a bowling alley in your basement and then paying to play there. Or buying an arcade machine and then paying to play it. Why should I have to pay you to let me play a game I bought?

  • I don't like the fact someone new to WoW has to pay a chunky upfront fee and then continue to pay; other MMORPGs and games have it right by just charging subscription. Charging a very nominal fee for WoW and the expansions is fine, they have to cover the disc and box costs, but if you want to download it you shouldn't have to pay.

  • Great job on the font newt

    Looks great! Only suggestion is that the tail on the Q is a tad long? Wouldn't this make the font spacing all weird?

    I didn't read the rest of the thread since it seemed like a bunch of people talking about WoW... >.>


  • Well I didn't make the font I just made it pretty.

    As to the q you might need to adjust the hotspot to fix it, but thats one of the issues with using a non monospace font.

  • you can adjust the spacing per character

    also, the plugin compensates for hotspots, so they dont affect letter placement, control this with spacing and y offset per letter actions

    my other project is coming along pretty well,

    so ill try to get to the (final?) update, and the tutorial soon

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