World's First 111 Gigapixels Image

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  • Pretty amazing if you ask me...

    Click and drag to move around

    Mouse wheel zooms in and out

  • Damn, i wish i could take such pictures :O

  • thats what moving the right analog stick in an fps 50 years from now will feel like

  • Well, that's just ridiculous!


    I could look at scenes like that all day.

    I've just zoomed into a couple of guys playing dominoes, some amazing graffiti, a guys walking across a bridge (and you can see his iPod earphones in his ear!), and a pile of rotting rubbish where you can even read the labels on the bottles.

    I'm going back to have another look.


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  • well you forgot to tell it is not 56k safe

  • 56k

    re you really on 56k?

    also, although this is cool to look at and the detail is incredible. I was disappointed when i read the about description. I was thinking it was some revolutionary new lens technology on some experimental $100,000 camera. it's a robot arm that takes a bunch of pictures that were spliced together later. I think they did a great job, and it's an accomplishment in itself given all the factors they dealt with, but still not as exciting

  • prawnsushi, you can, and so could I, it's just we're lazier than the guy that actually did it

    krush, haha yeah I kept going back to it! I was hoping to spot some babe in a window.... but damn nothing... yet...

    quazi, the most advanced "find waldo" game ever!

    thoughtzone, 56k?! Damn I didn't think people were still on 56k... that's like people still using a tablet to write on (one made of stone, not a new ipad!). Didn't mean to rub salt into the wound there Well if it's any consolation, I have 50mb connection and get bugger all done. You were pretty active in chat when I used to visit there.

    lucid, I couldn't get the "how he did it" page to load before I posted but it's kind of disappointing knowing how he actually did it. I thought the same as yourself, that it was some new camera. Still amazing, but just not as impressive...

  • Let's have a scavenger hunt


    <img src="">

    Hint: There are two of these pigs very close to each other on the same structure.

    The person who finds it can name the next item to find

  • Awesome idea dead. Unfortunately, that site doesn't work none too goodly on my phone, so I can't participate on this first round

  • <img src="">

  • Under the bridge on the right.

    Here's quite an easy one.

    <img src="">

    edit> OH! Hint: She's on her own!

  • and my oh my, what's going on there:

    <img src="">

  • <img src="">

    I have found a splice edge

    <img src="">

  • and my oh my, what's going on there:

    <img src="">

    It's kind of easy when you pick one that has a link to it already

    <img src="">

    Okay find this heart flag:

    <img src="">

  • Crap, I got beat to the punch

    Okay then I guess I have to find that car now...

    Edit: Found it, right by the fishermen

    <img src="">

    Okay, NOW find that heart flag:

    <img src="">

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