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  • Well, I should say 2 games.


    Red Orchestra 2 is based on WW2 Europe, and Rising Storm is based in the pacific.

    The reason I say 2 games is because one is by Tripwire, and the other Tripwire bought from a Mod team. (Or they hired them i forget). The guns, and movement are really different, but core elements like the aiming mechanics are all the same.

    The artwork is AAA, and the combat makes you really feel like you are in a huge battle. They mix Ai with humans so you really get a massive combat feeling when you play it.

    The Team work is pretty much automatic, As soon as someone sees an opponent, they automatically cry out, just like in real life. No fumbling for Voice Com keys, no relying on lame team mates.

    It is not as fast paced as any arcade shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield series. Bullets actually hurt! If you get shot, you are most likely going to die, so you really need to stick to the cover, and use the crouch-aiming mechanics for snap shots around corners. Running directly into the front line will get you shot almost instantly by a human player. This makes the combat have a much more real feeling to it. Battle field 4 and Call of duty make me feel like I am in some cheesy 1980's movie like Rambo. RO2 and Rising storm are much more realistic!

    Hope to see you guys in multiplayer, the community is still huge after all these years.

    Steam player Stats:

    1,714 online now

    1,758 peak today

    16,534 all-time peak

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