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  • I've been a quite a computer geek my whole life. I've used every version of Windows that has been released, installed Windows 98 a million times, installed XP a thousand. Last year I decided to blow �1200 on a new computer, so I bought parts and assembled them myself, and I had 4GB RAM so I installed Windows XP x64, which I'd never used before. After a while, it just seemed nobody could be arsed to support XP x64, a massive lack of drivers after so long released, and dwindling. So I bit the bullet and decided to install Vista Ultimate 64-bit, service pack 1.

    Well, it's awesome. Come on, I don't understand why it gets such a bad rap. Sure, it had compatibility problems to start with, so did XP. But at this point it is great. On my PC at least it runs a lot faster than XP did, I have managed to install everything I own and I haven't run into any compatibility problems yet.

    I think a lot of people bad mouth it just because it's the cool thing to do. Nobody seems to care Apple releases simple OS upgrades as fully priced packages, but people think Apple can do no wrong. When Microsoft makes real innovation and improvement, because they haven't got everything sorted 100% straight away they're crap and wrong.

    Well I'm happy with my upgrade, and I hope other Vista users are too.

  • I just built my comp but still use XP b/c of Vista's bad compatability reputation. Also, it sounds like too much of a graphics/memory hog for a fancy desktop. And they totally ripped Linux on the 3d desktop thing.

    Yeah Apple likes to release new OSX (?) upgrades alot. I only use Macs at school sometimes, but I have been a windows dude since 3.1 LOLOLOL




    Loading Widows....

    (LOL or however it was....)

    or I'll never forget...




    If you can guess those games you get a cookies

  • I think it was worse for me because of the rubbish compatibility of Windows XP x64, which totally sucked balls. Vista works, 64-bit version works, everything works, it's great.

  • I love Vista. It had issues at launch which gave it a poor rep, but it's really smooth now.

    I've yet to play a game (from Crysis on down) that didn't run just as well as XP. All my apps work great, and general explorer stuff feels quicker.

    I'd have said Vista was a let down before SP1 ... I'll never go back to XP now.

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  • I really like Vista, there's no real reason to call it 'bad', 'buggy' or 'insecure' anymore. It starts quickly, works quickly, and looks good. I still use XP though, because some games I play run faster on it for me.

  • When I last really tried Vista - which was some time ago - I wasn't keen on it. The interface and all is nice and snazzy and new, and you can turn off the annoying UAC, but even then I found even trivial file operations (copy/paste a 1kb text file) taking upwards of 30 seconds. It also seemed to permanently be accessing the hard drive, which I know is by design and it may be indexing all drives, but it never stopped and overall I just felt the whole experience was slow and frustrating. Context menus, folders etc. all seemed to take an age to appear.

    Perhaps things are all much better now - I don't know - but I'm happy with XP.

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