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  • Anyone using the Win10 Technical Preview? If so what do you think of it? Is it stable?

    I'm downloading it right now but I still have to do a full backup before installing it..

  • Im using it. its great for me it's been really stable i haven't had any problems with anything

    C2 also works great

  • Downloading the iso now.. accidentally installed the update instead of the iso luckily i stopped it!

    Not expecting much after windows8... expecting to put ubuntu on it after

  • Looked at it for about a minute and it is basically still windows 8. It is still very early so hopefully it will be more like xp and 7, but as MS have skipped 9 it is now unpredictable if their next OS will be good or not... Installing ubuntu!

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  • unless it comes as a direct update on a reboot of my windows 8.1 pc from microsoft, i dont trust what is a os system from somewhere which can make any claim that it came from microsoft or apple or linux, cause it may just be a virus, you never know, ok...

  • I've been using it since the day I started this thread and I'm pretty impressed. My PC isn't very good, but Win10 runs flawlessly. I like the new features like the new alt+tab window (if you hold alt+tab you can close the windows you want in it), the big notification that it uses instead of the balloon tip notification for items in the taskbar and the new snap-to option - if you drag a window to a border it snaps there (that's nothing new) BUT it shows every other window on the empty space, and you if you click one it fills the empty space with that window.

    So far it's been a good experience. My only problem now is that I've just ordered a new motherboard that apparently has no drivers for Win 8.1.... Hopefully I won't have to roll back to Win 7 or something. ):

  • I have it, it's very very stable and I'm glad the changed the Start menu "almost" like the W7 Start Menu.

  • I heard it would be used on phones too, but may be just rumors.

  • Not to go off topic here but i am rather fond of the windows 8.1 start menu

  • I didn't download it but i heard that the start menu button in windows 10 is just like a windows 7..

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