Windows PC or just PC - Which term is better for Windows?

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  • I'm here want to tell you about differentiating PC and Windows term.

    Some companies like Steam always use the term "PC" for showing Windows desktop software and games. I know that Microsoft developed the latest Windows OS as a doubled OS (my own term for an OS for both tablets and desktops). But don't confused, Windows still an operating system for desktops (excepting Windows Phone).

    So, why Steam still use the term "PC"?

    Complaints from Steam users:

    Steam Forum: ... 098715996/

    GitHub Forum (Steam for Linux): ... issues/737

  • No one is replying?

  • Only Steam can answer that question, but personally I think "Windows desktop" for traditional apps and "Windows Store" for the new "metro" style apps is the best description.

  • That's right, Ashley .

    Some companies like Steam, EA Origin, AVG, Kaspersky, Unity and GameHouse frequently call the traditional Windows apps as PC apps alongside Mac apps which called Mac apps and Linux apps which called Linux apps (PC/Mac/Linux).

    But as I look at Steam's game system requirements:

    • PC games need a Windows OS.
    • Mac games need an OS X.
    • Linux games need an Ubuntu OS.

    So, my thoughts is Windows is an OS for PCs and OS X is an OS for Macs.

    But Ubuntu is an OS for both Windows and Linux PCs.

    So Steam and other companies should mean both Windows and Linux platform as PC.

    If some of my thoughts are wrong, tell me.

  • It's a difficult question to answer. The terms are used so interchangeably that PC can mean it is running Windows or Linux (technically I can boot all 3 from either a `Mac` or `PC`, you just need to know what you are doing). Mac is pretty much self explanatory and people who use the term `Mac` in reference to a computer are almost always referring to a machine running MacOS.

    Additionally, Linux games do not require that it run Ubuntu OS. The Steam package that is available on the Steam site should run on any Linux/Gnu OS that can accept .deb packages (which is a rather large list these days, even OS's like Puppy Linux and Tiny Core can install .deb's). I personally prefer operating systems like Funtoo or Arch Linux and they have native and community provided steam packages.

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  • Linux games need an Ubuntu OS.

    Linux doesn't make computers. Linux is a PC OS, isn't it?

    Of course, Steam isn't technically correct, but most people don't understand anything beyond Windows is PC, and Mac is Mac.

    To be technically correct, it shouldn't be either PC or Windows PC. It should be Windows OS. But then, I'm not a copyright lawyer, so I can't say about the trademark rules on using that term.

  • Yes they just say PC (Personal Computer if im not wrong) for the windows OS, they just get used to say PC.

  • Aurora Correct, Linux is an OS. Where people seem to get confused is Linux is just a kernel, and what people use when they say "I use Linux" are just different distributions/flavors of that kernel with additional and often varying userland utilities and applications. Another conventional term to use to express Linux is Linux/Gnu like I used above.

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