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    anyone's surpprised? Probubly will support kinect.

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  • Personally, I dont like it from what I have seen from that video. But to me the the most important thing is how fast is it? It is all very well trying to make everything look like another version of ios, but if the price we pay is having to wait for Internet pages to load faster, programs to take longer to load and longer boot up and shut down times, then I am not interested.

    I am typing this on a dell inspiron 1501, 1GB ram and a sempron cpu. It shipped with windows vista basic and it used to take 4 mins to boot up properly take forever to run programs and as for loading web pages.... so I downgraded to windows xp and it was at least usable (times for all those tasks were halved). Now though I have ditched XP and installed Linux Mint. Wow never realised how bloated windows software was. My computer boots up in 20 seconds flat. programs load in 5 seconds flat and web pages load in less than a second, and for a light web page they load before i have had a chance to remove my finger from the mouse button.

    Dont get me wrong linux mint took a bit of fiddling about to get the wireless working and it is not as pretty as windows and I have to run XP through virtual box if I have to use it to run a program. But the pay off is that is simple to use (I only used the terminal once) installing programs is quicker and easier and not having your computer screwed over by viruses is another plus.

    But the "Ipad generation" would rather have the swishy touch screen gestures and that is fair enough...

  • Really nothing new. Metro style (a good thing) widget that run as another layer. Something similar to actual Windows Media Center, but for other tasks. It is html5/js based.

  • So I guess this is their calendar, after the release:

    DAY 1 - Released. Everyone's rushing to the Windows Store getting their copy.

    DAY 2 - Everyone realised it was just like having a huge iPod. Even bigger than iPad.

    DAY 3 - Everyone's raging because they cannot play their old Windows games since everything in 8 is coded in HTML5, JS and CSS. Back to the webflash-all-day kind of thing.

    DAY 4 - Microsoft gets sued by Apple. Surprise, surprise!

    DAY 5 - Every single customer throws their 8 copy in the trash or sells it on eBay to people who haven't tried it yet and then downgrade to XP or Seven.

    DAY 6 - All the review websites and noobs on YouTube are saying 8 sucks.

    But seriously now, this kind of OS belongs to the portable hardware. Not the PCs we all have sitting in our desks. Not even the laptops or the notebooks. Seriously, Microsoft, I am disappoint.

  • This is more like Windows 7.1. It's not going to suck, but it's not going to be amazing for us PC users, either.

    It may create some interesting tablet platforms, however. Microsoft is tightly controlling the release of Windows 8 based hardware. There are only a couple approved manufacturers, and they can only release 1 tablet model, each. Microsoft is also setting strict performance requirements, which means there will be less crap-ware on them. All in all, the manufacturers are forced to refine their designs a lot before they release them. Acer is pissed off because they can't flood the market with tons of junk anymore, accusing Microsoft of "controlling everything." This is a good thing.

    In the end, the most interesting point about this OS is that it will run on ARM-based CPUs (SoCs).

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