will win8 preview upgrade to the full ver.(solved)

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  • Does anyone know if windows 8 preview will be upgradeable to the full version when it releases? I have a failing HD, and if it can upgrade from preview to full I'd rather just install 8 preview when I get a new HD instead of reinstalling 7. I ask because Windows 7 Release Candidate required a full reinstall when the real Windows 7 came out(they did make you aware of this when you downloaded)

    I can't find any info on this either way.   Please link if you found the answer or read this somewhere, as I'd like to feel confident about it before going this route.


    EDIT: found the answer:


  • Have you tried it out?

    From what I've heard it's shaping up to become a complete trainwreck. With forced Metro, tablet style mouse control and the absurd MPEG2 codec decision.

  • I have not tried it. I've read people saying what you said, but almost invariably in the comments or responses, please say like 5 simple configuration changes to make it boot to and behave exactly like a normal desktop with the option to switch to metro.

    Also that it's runs much faster, boot much faster, uses less resources, and has a nicer desktop

    I have heard a few things regarding bugs, or annoying design decisions, but I think people don't give MS enough credit. If there's anything broken about it now, either in the form of a bug or a usability issue, I'm more than confident it will be fixed. I'm also confident that the finished product will be be better than windows 7, which is an awesome OS in my opinion. Also, I think the idea that the same applications will work on tablets and phones sounds amazing.

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  • Might just get a good sized hd, or external, and dual boot.

    Besides you're probably going to need to get into some Linux before too long.

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