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  • You can win any 2 games of your choice on any platform (if they can be delivered to you, you can have them!) as well as a Construct 2 Business License for one lucky retweeter!

    To win, simply:

    a) Make sure you're following our Scirra account on Twitter

    b) Retweet this tweet


    On the competition closing date (Friday 12th October) a elegible entry will be picked at random and awarded the prize.

    The winner must pick 2 games, on any platform. The games combined value must not exceed $100 USD.

    The winner will also receive a Construct 2 Business License


    • Existing Twitter accounts only. To be eligible, the account must have existed prior to the time this post was made, and have at least 1 tweet
    • The prize of 2 games of your choice is for a maximum value of $100 USD. The winner must pick 2 games, and the total must not exceed $100. Delivery is not taken into account.
    • If for some reason the prize cannot be delivered to you, we will award an Amazon voucher of equal value to the winner.
    • The winner will be announced Friday 12th October at around 5pm BST
    • Winner picked using service
    • If is unavailable, competition deadline can be extended at our discretion
    • You must follow us as well as retweet to be eligible to win
    • These rules are subject to change at Scirra's discretion

    <font size="5">Good luck everyone!</font>

  • Done.

    Wish a luck for my Twitter account :)

  • Just did it!

  • I'm on it! Thanks for the contest.

  • Hooray! Retweeted! :D

  • Im in! Retwitted :)

  • What's up with this twitter? why not facebook for example?

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  • Done!

  • I never win... but I did my part of the deal.

  • Did! Not bothered about the game, just want the license! It's excitin' init!

  • Wish me look! :P - follow me

  • Done. I also saw that Gabe of Penny Arcade retweeted it too. That is potential exposure right there.

    shinkan, I'm glad they're doing it via Twitter and not Facebook, because I'm not on Facebook.

  • What's up with this twitter? why not facebook for example?

    Facebook doesn't allow contests where you are advertising/liking something to win a prize.

  • Konidias is right, Twitter is currently one of the few social platforms that allow you to run these sorts of competitions.

    I understand if you're not a fan of Twitter this can be frustrating, but we are hoping to get another competition in before the end of the year which everyone should be able to enter!

  • facebook was only an example.

    I'm not bothered with the competition cause I have my licence (don't need Business License) and have no time to play games. Just saying, would be better to do something like "send us a postcard from where you live" or "show us your love to C2" ;) then twitter (btw don't have and never will)

    Anyways, good look to all contestants. :)

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