WiiU Discussion (Previously "'Wii 2 / Project Cafe' rumors")

  • dravenx can never resist the urge to troll. Steam is the best game service period. Kills xboxlive,psn,and wiimarket, and definitely beats buying at the store. Cloud saves, perfect chat ability, awesome discounts, instant updates, fun achievements, singlehandedly turned mac into a viable game platform, cross platform play, buy the game once, own on every platform, let's you download games forever even on multiple machines, even if you originally bought it at store, ultimate hope for indie developers.

  • [quote:26tfoj98]dravenx can never resist the urge to troll.

    Hey what can i say , Im a trollodyte Game service yes absolutely steam is the best.But forcing me to join just to play a game not so good.The real reason why i don't like steam is because internet in sa can be quite slow and downloads take forever.Psn xbox live wiimarket are not even in the same league when it comes to steam.

    The reason why i said pc games aren't that great is because someone suggested that ps3 gfx etc are out of date and it lags blah blah so i answered by showing that it's way easier to play games on consoles than they are on pc.Pop in the disc and play.With "steam" pop in join up wait forever for the download to begin and sometimes the game won't work because the download has been corrupted.Lucid come to south africa and try our wonderful internet services , I bet you will sing another tune if you see how frustrating it is to try and download a game or patch etc from steam.

    As for the Wii 2 ,Nintendo always finds a way to stay on top no matter what console they produce.The games they create are fun and seriously addictive.Last time i heard they said that the wii 2 will be as powerful as the ps3 and xbox360.That remains to be seen.I love all 3 systems and i cannot wait to see what the wii 2 can do.

  • Sounds pretty nifty on the capabilities side.

    On the physical side, the controller is horrible long and while the styling is quintessentially Nintendo, it represents a pretty ugly side of Nintendo. If that was a true Nintendo mock-up, hopefully their industrial and ergonomic designers get a hold of that before it's pushed out.

  • escapistmagazine.com/news/view/109445-Rumor-Concept-Designs-for-Nintendos-Project-Cafe-Surface

    I believe that was confirmed to be fake elsewhere.

    Could end up looking similar though.

  • i think these rumors are fake at this point.

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  • So do I, but I posted it anyways. There would be no point in making posters / boxes for a product that's called 'Project Cafe'. There's no way in hell that Nintendo will use that name for their new console.

    It could be a working title, but it wouldn't make sense to make boxes / posters for that as well..

  • http://www.dailyblam.com/news/2011/04/2 ... fe-details

    but in other recent interview he said that they finished working on consoles for now and now they will focus on delivering more games.

    http://www.destructoid.com/miyamoto-tal ... 9398.phtml

    he mentioned as well that he would like to remake a link to the past. Well - I say Do IT MIYAMOTO! XD

    And from the other hand i fancy this



    http://www.destructoid.com/here-s-the-l ... 9406.phtml

    <img src="http://cdn.themis-media.com/media/global/images/library/deriv/54/54071.png">

    <img src="http://bulk2.destructoid.com/ul/199406-/cafe-noscale.jpg">

  • Well, I would imagine those look the same because they were done by the same person

    Anyways, only thing for certain right now is that they will announce a new system. Even Miyamoto admitted they would.

  • Because they're calling it "Project Cafe" doesn't mean it's fake, because Nintendo always gives codenames to their projects while they are still in formation. For example, the Gamecube was called "Project Dolphin" for some time until the project was complete. I'm sure the Wii was called "Project (insert a name)" before it was complete.

    We'll just have to wait and see, but I just wanted to lend some historical perspective to the matter.

  • Wii was called REVOLUTION. and new console is confirmed http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/116/1163764p1.html


    fhake or not?

    <img src="http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/11/118234/1766532-1303738648612_super.jpg">

    <img src="http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/11/118234/1766534-1303739279632_super.jpg">

  • Project zippo

  • Project zippo


  • Wii was called REVOLUTION. and new console is confirmed

    Yep, that's right.

    And of course, the Nintendo 64 was called "Project Reality".

  • > Wii was called REVOLUTION. and new console is confirmed


    Yep, that's right.

    And of course, the Nintendo 64 was called "Project Reality".

    I think N64 was called Ultra 64 too.

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