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  • thats weird, even though wii's game were fun and innovative (the remote)

    ps3 and xbox 360 had HD graphics since years. and nintendo is just now doing this?

    its only months until ps4 or xbox460 comes out with superHD (you know)

    either way i hate consoles but if i had to buy a console i would get a wii (raving rabiids^^)

    360 and ps3 they r going to have at least 8 years span, therfor 2014 for the new consoles would be more accurate.

    Whatever next N console will be , N will come up with something different - they want just come out with bummped specs and say 'there u go - our new hit console'.

  • Nintendo have the market share because of their mostly casual and bland... with the novelty of the wii remote.

    Now both Microsoft and Sony have gone down that road with their games, peripherals and marketing, and it's working.

    And turnabout is fair play... Sony and MS copied the Wii (sort of) in order to get casual gamers, and now Nintendo will get back at them with beefier hardware and (hopefully!) a controller that doesn't suck and can actually be used to play more hardcore games.

    Fingers crossed, anyway

  • I'd love a system with immensely fun and interesting games that don't depend on Modern Warfare 3-type budgets can thrive.

    A new console with slightly better than XBox360 level graphics, a cheap price (for consumers, developers, and manufacturers), a moderate-to-stringent level of acceptable game quality, a liberal level of content variety, and a manufactured community where "fun-factor" is placed over "wow-factor."

    I want a Nintendo PSX360+ running Steam with better indie support.

  • It would appear that Moore's Law! does not necessarily correlate to better games.

    One would think that if developers had more time to develop on specific systems games would get better, but going "mainstream" seems to have the opposite effect regardless of technical abilities.

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  • your both right. i love how nintendo innovated with the hand movements, microsofts only answer was the kinect, and so far so far the only "fun" games on kinect are dancing and the kinectimals.

    but 360 and ps3 are so outdated and old now that its not even fun anymore....games have to be dumbed down just to dont lag on the consoles. and when a console game is ported to a pc it lags like crazy because of the bad porting.

  • I want a Nintendo PSX360+ running Steam with better indie support.

    I vote for this

  • its only months until ps4 or xbox460 comes out with superHD (you know)

    I doubt that we'll see a PS4 any time soon.

    They've reached 50 million units with the PS3, and it's thought that it will be several years before Sony decide to make another console.

    I expect Microsoft to release a new console though, even though the 360 is selling well, and the Kinect is flying out of the stores.

    I too would like to see one console made by all 3 companies.

    They could share the cost of making it (they sell at a loss for each of them anyway, so that would be plus for all of them), and then share the license revenue for the games.

    Of course, we come to the same point I made earlier.

    The leading company wouldn't want to share, and those lagging behind would.

    Microsoft had the share of the market by releasing the 360 earlier than it's competitors, and wouldn't have wanted to share that with the others, but probably would now.

    Sony would have laughed at the thought of sharing with Nintendo during the PS2 years, but I'm sure they'd love a third of the market right now.

    And Nintendo would have loved to have made a deal with Microsoft and Sony before they released the Wii, but there's no way they'd consider giving up their lead now.

    I don't think it will ever happen, which is a shame.

    Basically, they're all winning (I sound like Charlie Sheen!).

    Personally, besides the obvious benefits of one console to rule them all


  • If someonehas 100% of the market then he can set highest price, so id on't think this would be a good idea.

  • If someonehas 100% of the market then he can set highest price, so id on't think this would be a good idea.

    The prices aren't controlled that way for video games.

    I've never seen any of them reducing game prices to compete with each other.

    That tends to be done at store level.

    Or do you mean the consoles themselves?

    That could be a worry, although I wouldn't pay more than the ?200-?300 I'm prepared to pay for them now, so they'd have to be sensible about the price.

    Of course, another problem is that if they all banded together to make one console, someone somewhere would see a gap in the market as a rival, and release their own console.



  • but 360 and ps3 are so outdated and old now that its not even fun anymore....

    Really? :S

    *Pats my lovely ps3*

    I guess I'm just not enough of a technophile to notice (not meant in a bad way, I'm just not that knowledgable about it).

    I hope the current consoles last a little longer... now that they have built up a good library of games.

  • SEGA!!!

    Sega's too busy suckling off of Nintendo's teat right now. It's actually kind of sad, probably the worst case of "if you can't beat them, join them" that I've ever seen .

    I've read that one of the Team Sonic developers openly admitted that for Sonic Colors they changed the look of the game to be a bit more like Nintendo's Mario series, in order to appeal to fans of Mario. Talk about whipped.

  • Pc games Suck , Why? Answer : Steam.Console Games rock , Why? , No Steam Bull to worry about.

    Until Steam Can clean up thier act i won't be playing pc games anymore.Left for dead 2 took ages just to get the game to run ,download this download that and then you can play if everything downloaded correctly.

  • Why? Answer : Steam

    My experience has been the complete opposite. I've been selling off my boxed games and moving them to steam because it's so easy.

  • dravenx can never resist the urge to troll. Steam is the best game service period. Kills xboxlive,psn,and wiimarket, and definitely beats buying at the store. Cloud saves, perfect chat ability, awesome discounts, instant updates, fun achievements, singlehandedly turned mac into a viable game platform, cross platform play, buy the game once, own on every platform, let's you download games forever even on multiple machines, even if you originally bought it at store, ultimate hope for indie developers.

  • [quote:26tfoj98]dravenx can never resist the urge to troll.

    Hey what can i say , Im a trollodyte Game service yes absolutely steam is the best.But forcing me to join just to play a game not so good.The real reason why i don't like steam is because internet in sa can be quite slow and downloads take forever.Psn xbox live wiimarket are not even in the same league when it comes to steam.

    The reason why i said pc games aren't that great is because someone suggested that ps3 gfx etc are out of date and it lags blah blah so i answered by showing that it's way easier to play games on consoles than they are on pc.Pop in the disc and play.With "steam" pop in join up wait forever for the download to begin and sometimes the game won't work because the download has been corrupted.Lucid come to south africa and try our wonderful internet services , I bet you will sing another tune if you see how frustrating it is to try and download a game or patch etc from steam.

    As for the Wii 2 ,Nintendo always finds a way to stay on top no matter what console they produce.The games they create are fun and seriously addictive.Last time i heard they said that the wii 2 will be as powerful as the ps3 and xbox360.That remains to be seen.I love all 3 systems and i cannot wait to see what the wii 2 can do.

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