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  • I don't know. That's the way of the world I guess. Some things just never get responded to.

    Maybe try different approaches that might attract a better response, and also do research on your own when guidance isn't available.

    There could be multiple reasons why something doesn't get responded to, sometimes they're out of your hands, so try not to let it bother you. It happens to everyone.

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  • I'm gonna be honest, but in-case those who have helped me are reading, this doesn't apply to those who have responded to my posts... Those guys are cool, and helped solve every problem... but this forum is, or at least my first impression after a couple of days posting, was that this forum is NOT the most helpful on the web. Trust me, there are other forums that will get 8 posts a thread, and people are eager to help. This is not that kind of place. I had several threads sink to the bottom, before I ever got a reply. I seen people with four bumps through a couple of days... but... I did eventually start getting replies... also, you could help others while you're waiting. People will notice that you're helping, even if it's a small amount... you're in general topic right now, make some friends by talking about your favorite game, or the weather... if you know something, add it as a tutorial... People will notice you and help you... but.. if you're lazy... like Prominent says, this is just the way the forum works here... some get answered, some don't...

  • Well, your question isn't one that is quickly answered. Out of those that use ads and the android export, most expect it to just work without having to mess with the stuff you posted which would make more sense if you were making an app from scratch. A quick search didn't yield any issues like it on the forum , so I guess not many others have encountered the same problem yet.

    If it is a new law then I'd assume Scirra will modify the exporter to comply sooner or later. Maybe try tagging Ashley in your topic as it would be relevant to him.

  • Sometimes you just are unlucky. Like R0J0hound said. Maybe things you ask help with are something most here don't know about. I guess many come here to either in hopes of someone to work with and focus only on that. Then many come only with questions and don't try to get into the community. But what ever the reasons are, don't give up.

    Maybe a bit off topic but a good advice if you will... This is a field where the good guys get around. If you are fun and cool to work with/talk to nothing can stop you =)

  • One of the first reason to not get answers is also simply posting in the wrong forum.

    I've had to move one of your first topics to the "How do I" forum that is the forum where to get help.

    Originally it was posted here in the "Open topics" which is not the most appropriate place.

    Then, throwing a tantrum in all caps without noticing that the URL you are posting don't display won't help as well.

    This community is not at your service, and a bit of patience, courtesy and self-control will take you a long way.

  • If you're not satisfied with the responses you get, perhaps you could improve the question you are asking: providing more information, being specific, clear, and helping everyone understand what you need goes a long way. Some questions are impossible to answer. The quality of the question has a big impact on whether anyone can help you.

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