Why is Megaman awesome

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  • This video is awesome , and you can learn a good technique on how to make good games ! Enjoy


    ~Hey megaman , what are you doing ?

    Ah nothing , im just JUMP'N SHOOTING

    What you gonna do next ?

    im gonna JUMP'N SHOOTING




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  • As soon as I saw it was a video, I knew what it was. Good old Egoraptor. This is the video that inspired me to finally make my blog and the video tat inspired me to name my blog.

    His Castlevania Sequelitis vids are pretty good, but this one, the Megaman X one, is brilliant. It should be required watching for everyone hoping to get into game design.

    Says much more about his game design knowledge than his aptitude at shooting melons. (Because lemons are the correct thing to shoot, not melons.)

    Really, watch this sh*t. It makes great points about teaching a player how to play the game, among some other points, and never gets boring, with the well known Egoraptot Humor�.

    RIDIN' ON CARS!!!!!

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