Why doesn't Nifflas just use Construct?

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  • So we all use different software, even ones intended to do the same jobs.

    I keep my eye on new beta software all the time as well as revisiting old software to hopefully see something new, or at least give me an idea of where it's heading in the future.

    I guess it comes down to using the best product for the job.

    Now i'm sure most people here know of Nifflas, creator of Knytt and other great games. If theres such a thing as indie game developer heros he's probably one of them. He's also one of MMF's big success stories and product champions, with games on steam and projects ported to consoles.

    I had my monthly visit to the Clickteam forums and it seems he's there a lot, always helpful and offering suggestions and useful ideas, which incidentally all seem ignored anyway, but he plugs away regardless. Case in point a MMF3 wishlist thread.

    What get's me though is that just about every thing asked for is exactly what makes Construct Classic and C2 so great.

    I've always seen MMF as a great product....waiting to happen, and it never does. The MMF2 and MMF3 wishlists are the same. I think he'll be waiting another 2 or more years for a disappointment, with yet more community extensions filling in the gaps of missing internal functionality and wasted opportunities.

    He has an alternative. I wonder why he doest make the leap like most of us here did?

    Inquiring minds...

  • ..

  • MMF2 is what he prefers?

  • Well, why don't you ask him personally?

    P.S. Is it you who started another 'Construct and MMF' topic recently?

  • I loved Knytt Stories and had no idea what they were made with until today... and still don't think it really matters.

    Both MMF, Gamemaker or Construct are tools, not achievements or lifestyle brands. If you get more pride from the ownership of the tool than what you achieve with it, you may need to question why you are making games in the first place...

    Would Construct need "celebrities" to be legitimate? Would we feel more comfortable or confident using it then?

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  • Asking something like this on public forums is not right. Who are we to question his choice? And if you are really interested then just contact him personally.

  • Maybe you're right, i've probably crossed the line here.

    Feel free to delete the thread.

  • Nifflas wrote yesterday:

    ith a great and very powerful competitor on the way which is very easy to use and doesn't come with many of these annoying limitations, MMF3 have to become even better.

    Can't be certain which competitor Nifflas is referring to, but I think it shows Nifflas is aware of the competitive landscape.

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