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  • I was just wondering what you guys all do eccept making games in construct? How old are you? Where do you live? Do you work/studdy? What's your other intrests and hobbies?

    Present your self! I can't find any earlier "present yourself" threads in this forum, so it's about time!

  • I'm 16, I live in Sweden, and uhm, I have no life

    Except for on weekends, shen I go visit my girlfriend. She's awesome.

    I go to ITGymnasiet in Sk�vde, Sweden, and I've taken Programming A, and soon I'll be taking Programming B and C too (and game programming with allegro ).

  • I'm 21, live in Indiana, and I too have no life.

    I'm a college student in between transfers. No jobs to speak of in my area, so I spend my days making comics, playing Rock Band and learning PHP. I've picked up Construct as it applies to my studies - I'll be attending Full Sail college in Florida to study game design and digital art.

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  • I am 19, 20 in a few months, live in Devon - England, i have a pretty active life working in a call centre, i have a loving girlfriend too

    In my spare time i check up on progress of construct, operating systems, work on my own websites etc.

    I lead a very active life as well as being a computer geek hehe

  • I'm 13, my life is mostly normal, except that I love computers (and Ashley). I started making stuff with TGF when I was 7, then I couldn't stop. Game-making is my life

  • 19 years 20 in may and i live in Poland, im currently studying at University of Science and Technology. My interests... hmmmm well programming,anime,games, and pretty much math even if i dont understand it sometimes XD.

  • Also, I love Aikido.

    (I love Ashley more, though.)

  • (I love Ashley more, though.)

    When are you going to stop beating that dead horse? It was funny for about ten seconds when you first did it. Now it's just plain irritating.

    On a related note, we need a "Sigs Off" option in the forum preferences.

    Hi, I'm Jason. I live in Oregon. I'm a grumpy old man.

  • You may find it irrating, but Construct is a part of my life, and it's awesome. Automatically, I MUST love every Construct creator.

  • Hi, I'm Jason. I live in Oregon. I'm a grumpy old man.

    Oh damn! I laughed so hard xDDDDDD

    and yeah we need a Sig character limit.

  • Ok, my turn.

    My name is Jonatan and i live in Alby (the ghetto outside of Stockholm) in Sweden. I'm 17 years old, and turn 18 in october.

    I'm going to a circus gymnasium run by Cirkus Cirk�r, where i practice acrobatics, russian swing and teeterboard. I've also been doing a lot of card magic, and i just started fire breathing. In the future i plan to have Hoop diving as my major dicipline.

    Most of my time is spent on practice, but on my spare time i create games, compose music and take a shower.

    Hoop diving:

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    Russian swing:

    (you usually don't do it to the water)


  • My word that was a depressing read.

  • My word that was a depressing read.

    huh? In what way do you mean? Do you mean "Depressing how freaky people can be. Going to a circus scool!? What kind of a future does that poor kid have?"

    Or do you mean "Depressing how much that kid is doing on his spare time. I just slack in front of my computer all day."

    If you ment the first one, then you're pretty much right. I will probably get a low paid unstable job, and when i turn 40 i'll have to give up the circus and spend the rest of my life selling hot dogs.

    If you meant the other one, i have a few things to say to you. Practicing circus isn't my spare time. Its like doing my homework for me. Construct is my spare time. Slacking in front of my computer is my spare time, and you guys do that all the time.

  • I'll be 29 in May.

    I operate a computer retail/repair store in a major shopping centre in Adelaide Australia.

    Married for 4+ years, and have a lovely 2 year old daughter.

    I enjoy digital and traditional art mediums, and consider myself an experienced "anime" artist among other subject medium.

    My other hobbies include gaming, making games, anything to do with games really... I also regulary spend time with my wife and daughter at the beach or going out to see friends etc. Tonight we plan on having an "imaginary tea party" and then watching movies!

    That pretty much covers that...

  • 16 year old male, 17 in June, living in NSW Australia.

    Currently attending high school in year 11 for my HSC, and after that I'm going to TAFE to do a web design course (which covers PHP as well) alongside a job with my brother-in-law in Sydney troubleshooting and repairing computer systems.

    In my spare time (which is a lot of time right now) I'm usually playing Blockland or making more silly little physics contraptions with Construct. I have plans to learn C++ as well in the future and maybe C# (and definitely Python) but I'm learning PHP right now, holding down a part time job at my local second-hand computer shop, and doing my HSC, so I tend to be a bit busy.

    It's pretty much my dream in life to release a successful indie survival game, or to get a job at a large game design firm such as Bethesda or Blizzard (these two primarily, as Starcraft was the first game I ever played on PC, Bethesda made my favorite RPG (Morrowind) and are now making Fallout 3, and the other incentive for Blizzard is the money. If I could get work on future parts of WoW... well, no way to be sure but I'd think that their programmers for WoW would get paid quite a lot.)

    Even if I got a job at Bethesda I'd still make free indie games in my off time, because I am an absolute whore for free stuff (except free candy, which is usually not sweet delicious confection made of sugar)

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