What's your other hobby ?

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  • Besides video games!

    I like singing, I have a tribute band to Incubus.

    And I like programming automation framework for anything bother me doing over and over again.

    Oh and drink beer in a ratty bar.

  • Ethnobotany.

    Nah, not really. I make music and graphics whenever I'm not programming..but for my games, so I guess they don't count!

    I used to do flameworking as a hobby (making stuff with glass and a giant torch, not spitting fire lol) but that got really expensive and it sucked working with that stuff in a shed next to a propane and oxygen tank (effectively a bomb and a torpedo) so I sold everything!

    Aside from that I occasionally play drums, guitar, and bass. I was in a few metal bands for a while but then I found FL Studio [:B I'm planning on starting a salt water aquarium and getting a peacock mantis shrimp, but that's also reeeally expensive!!

  • I don't really have a non-game related hobby at the moment. I'm either playing games or making games. I also follow a few different Let's Play's so sometimes I'm even watching other people play games .

    But I'd like to get into painting with acrylics when I can afford the materials.

    I'd also like to make puppets. Like cool muppet-style puppets. No, I'm not kidding, I think that would be fun as hell.

  • I've made sock monsters before

    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3194/2529518172_17a6de161b.jpg">

    People absolutely love them and they are fun/easy to make!

  • I design small houses and ride adventure bikes. I love compact architecture and spend a ridiculous amount of time designing. if architecture wasn't such a volitile and time consuming career, that's where I could be.

    Adventure biking... well, anyone whose ridden a motorcycle knows how incredibly dangerous and life threatening the death machines are... but also how exhilarating and freeing they are.

  • I've made sock monsters before

    People absolutely love them and they are fun/easy to make!

    Those are awesome, Tom. I commissioned my friend to make me an "Angry Grenade," but she moved to Australia and I lost contact with her before she finished. I still want my Angry Grenade.

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  • Collecting 8 bit nes games,Parkour and Skydiving.

  • I too don't do much apart from making things that related to game development.

    I draw sometimes but I am a horrible artist.

    Write short stories when I have nothing else to do.

    Read some psychological comics(Liar Game, 13 Club etc).

    I plan to learn some video editing some day.

    And speaking of drawing I did this yesterday night 4 AM on my computer table -

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5811650/DSC00664-Optimized.jpg">

  • Collecting 8 bit nes games,Parkour and Skydiving.

    Do you really do parkour? How'd you get into it?

  • [quote:11t1x9uf]I've made sock monsters before

    You MUST tell me how to do one of those!!! My kids will get crazy as hell !!

  • Snowboarding


    other sports (beach volley, football, bike)

    First two I try to do as much as possible. Hopefully I'll add ice hockey soon(saving money for a gear)

  • [quote:t35seyb8]Do you really do parkour? How'd you get into it?

    Yes been doing it for 2 years now.A couple of my friends introduced me to it.I love that adrenaline rush.I love to go to the extreme.That's why my nick got the X at the end Used to be a skater but i kinda grew out of it.

  • <Sarcasm> Sports ?!?! Get a life and play more games duuuuude! </Sarcasm>

  • [quote:1ie9bc2b]<Sarcasm> Sports ?!?! Get a life and play more games duuuuude! </Sarcasm>

    Nah i dont want to end up with square eyes

  • Mostly game related things: playing games, making games and applications. other then that I draw, read fan fiction and books, watch TV, watch movies, serf the net etc.

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