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  • Some HTML5 slides on the bleeding edge of HTML5 : Here

    Very motivational :D . Some of them are already here in alpha like gamepad, and others are going to make HTML5 gaming and of course, C2 much better! Examples are, mouse locking , much better canvas pixel manipulation performance (Canvas plugin much faster), even better sound support, better input etc. Great times to come. Only thing missing is getting all of these on mobile too :)

  • i like how the whats next for html5 site just freezes my browser

  • What browser are you using ? I'm using Chrome 17, works ok here. If you're using the same then i'm lucky i guess. Should work on Chrome and Firefox i think.

  • I saw THIS on youtube. it is possible with scirra??? because scirra use html5 youtube.com/watch

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  • The guy used a clever optimization. Since he didn't post the code i can't tell exactly what he used. But from what i understood it's a double buffer technique with two canvas and copying only what's visible each time from one to other.

  • i hope Ashley is going to look at this :D

  • From the comments of the video : he used a clever trick, nothing "HTML" specific. As Kiyoshi said, you need 2 canvases. The slow part with Canvas is drawImage(). So you need to move the viewport, know how much you moved by using two variables, and only draw new tiles in the white row or columns that has just been created. So the number of redraw is only linear, not exponential.

  • It freezes my browser too.

    Using Firefox 10.0.2


  • imothep85, Construct 2 supports WebGL and my last benchmark can get 14000 sprites on-screen at 30 fps. So it should be able to do 7000 at 60 fps already.

  • 14.000 <img src="smileys/smiley29.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> lol crazy [<:o)]

  • That clever tricks the guy made are only relevant on Canvas. WebGL doesn't need that. Of course the core idea he used, of only drawing what is visible makes total sense and it's perfectly applicable to WebGL. Out of curiosity Ashley have you tried making Bunny Mark on C2 ? Just to see how much C2 could handle compared to new Flash and HaxeNME. For reference: Bunnymark. Would be a good promotion to C2 posting something like it on the blog.

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