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  • Hi friends, I have added a developers Community to my website and I want to take this time to invite everyone who is designing and developing games with C2. come share your websites, businesses, games, ideas and questions.

    To make it interesting I am holding a

    (Most Popular Member Contest!)

    The most popular member in the community after a six month period ending on April 30 2015 will receive

    a free of charge licensed copy of Construct 2! (personal edition) or the current value in cash, your choice.

    more details on the site.


    *ALL the features of popular social websites!

    *Random Free stuff contest!

    *Fun community

    *Deals on various art and design tools and software

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  • *bump*

  • Or you could give us the business edition, for those who come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the 12 lucky runners up get the personal edition.

  • Thanks for your suggestion true falcon, unfortunately that is beyond the scope of what I can invest in to this website right now...

    Maybe one day

    But I am building a rewards system for frequent visitors.... points redeemable for art software and other design tools.

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