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  • Hey people.

    Can i get some prices on what to pay for a website?

    The design i can do myself.

    But setting it up..

    Include forum, profile and some other things..

    just trow out some good guesses, i'm checking several places :)


  • When you say website, do you mean a domain name, with hosting?


  • When you say website, do you mean a domain name, with hosting?


    I got a Domain. But it's empty

  • what is installed at your host? PHP, MySQL, ...?

    All of todays forum software that uses PHP and MySQL (most are free to use) have installers that are quite easy to install, even without knowledge in PHP itself. So no additional cost here.

    Would be helpful if we know where you got your webspace :)


    Got both i think yeah.

    But yeah i have no knowledge of php or mySql

  • yes, are able to install everything.

    What I can do, is give you an recomendation for a forum software:

    • phpBB is quite good and free to use. The Setup process is easy as well.

    Visit this page for a Quick step by step installation process.

    All you need to do and know is how to transfer files by FTP, set up file and folder permissions and the login information for your Database (should be available somewhere when you login on, I am not sure as I never used them).

    This is the quick installation process:

  • Hehe ty :p

    I actually need phpBB for my project :p

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  • do you mean a domain name??

  • I'm not really sure what the user means. You got the domain, usually that's the thing that costs the most money. Unless you have a very strange host, all the tools are there for immediate website creation and setup, mostly with no knowledge required.

    I believe all your costs are covered, depending on your plan. The rest, you spend money if you require external services.

  • Hi, my setup is Godaddy host(deluxe plan) with wordpress, godaddy have a "easy installer for wordpress)ckeck my site(not finished yet).

    godaddy host prices

  • Yeah but i can't php for sh*t. So whats the price for getting some1 to make the website?

  • You don't have to pay for that, you have a lot of customizable templates for wordpress, you can build your own design and it?s easy to achieve a unique website.

  • Are you looking for someone to slice, and code your website design?

    PSD to Wordpress: Professionals usually charge around $99 for the home page, and $45 per inner page.

    PSD to Joomla, and Drupal are usually a little more expensive.

    PSD to Magento: Usually starts at $300, and up but that is because there is more coding involved when you want a store CMS.

    These are all average prices that professionals charge. You would have to be more specific on how many pages, if you want it coded into a CMS or not, and if you wanted your forums to match, etc.

    cesisco is right there are a lot customizable templates for Wordpress, and you can easily build your own Wordpress theme. Just visit there site WordPress, and check it out. They have a friendly helpful community full of information, tutorials, and free themes. They also have many plugins like forum software that can be easily integrated into it.

  • Website with Profiles.

    Connected to some mySQL databases for my Half Life Servers Using   HLstatsX and AmxModX

    Forum <- same account as for the rest of the page preffered.

    Display stats from the MySQL.

  • It's really hard to get estimates for websites without a full spec. My recommendation to you is to write a complete and full specification (probably around half a page to a page long) detailing exactly what you want and then submit it to some freelancers/companies or post it in some forums to get several quotes.

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