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  • Hey guys I am searching for a free website maker, but I dont want to use sites which offer you "cheap" themes, I want to find website maker where you start from a blank, without anything, so I can type html code by my self. Anyone know something that I may use?

    P.S. sorry for my english.

  • Hello - u can try this :


  • If you want to just write a website from scratch, i suggest using Notepad++, its what i use, and it supports many languages (including HTML and CSS).


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  • Thanks guys, ill try.

  • If you are looking for tools to make a website... then I suggest you do use one of those "cheap" themes instead.

    Unless the point is to learn html and css, of course.

    There are a lot of good free html+css templates which you can tweak to your liking (change colors, remove blocks, change labels, etc).

  • Well, you can try to search through out the online I guess you can found some info that you can use in your website creation for your game. I it is little difficult to create a website that we use in gaming because they are using such as a HTML and CSS code. However, I have here some site that might help in your problem about the website that you are creating xxx.gamedesigncenter.com/.

  • Notepad++ is excellent, if you want to go more advanced then download Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express (100% free).

  • Ew to WYSIWYG editors.

    I second Notepad++ or any other text editor, if you already are familiar with HTML and CSS. I'd recommend browsing the latest web design documentation/tutorials; older ones are still stuck in the ancient age, when tables iframes were acceptable for website layout. Nowadays web layouts are made of bare elements, such as div, span etc., and everything is styled in the stylesheet.

    Remember that HTML is for content and CSS is for presentation.

    Alternatively, if you want a more powerful and flexible website, I'd suggest picking a CMS up (wordpress, joomla, drupal or one of lightweight alternatives). Simplest way (in terms of effort) would be a Wordpress blog on your own host.

  • You can also try to make a HTML 5 website with Construct 2

  • You should be using Joomla it's really easy for making website, really professional and open source, and there is a lot of free nice theme on internet. You can add plugin like Kuena for having a forum, with Joomla you can use Html too if you want, CMS it's little bit like Construct, just click on what you want to do

  • Feel free to ask any HTML/CSS questions here, I'd be happy to help you out if you get stuck on anything.

  • I can also help out with HTML and CSS. Even some Javascript/jQuery and PHP if you want.

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