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  • After some search through the forum and i didn't found any info about that soft so i'm posting here.

    Web Game Builder let you convert your games from standard windows *.exe file into a web based game. It comes with two versions: free trial and full (49.95$ or 99.95$). I was able to try only the free version and I must say it's doing its job pretty nicely.

    here's my awesome quick test...

    There's my Cube WIP game as a test


    (it's 10MB and may load a while)

    and here's www


    play with it and upload some stuff and tell us what you think

    if Web Game Builder really works fine it will make many people very happy here

    (I am one of them and ready to pay that money;))

  • Web Game Builder let you convert your games from standard windows *.exe file into a web based game.

    That sounds suspicious due to the technical near-impossibility, not to mention that running an arbitrary EXE in a browser is a nightmare security concern, so it can't possibly "just work", unless it's like the java-based instant play other sites have. What technology is it based on? I also can't get any of the demos to run in Firefox. Does it package the EXE up in to an ActiveX or something? I'm really doubtful of how this actually works, so personally I'd look more carefully in to it before handing over any money...

  • there isn't much info on the site...

    so don't know many details but I could play it only on Internet Explorer and it uses ActiveX

    Friend of mine using Google Chrom coudn't run it as well. But again, i did step by step and it works for my.

    Let us wait for some more people to try it.

  • We had this discussion earlier in the year Ashley (or maybe it was last year).

    I think the general consensus was that it sounded dodgy, and that people should be careful.

    I can't find the thread (to be honest, I haven't looked that much ), but I don't think you deleted it, so it should still be on here somewhere.

    Be interesting to see if it's the same people as before.

    EDIT: Here you go:

    It looks like you deleted the link from the old thread, so I don't know if it's the same people or not.

    I have to say that the website for the current one doesn't fill me with confidence.


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  • stuff

    Congratulations, you have been bant.

    Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to GTFO.


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